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Our Platform and Features


Q: How is Car Chilli different from other car sharing applications?

 A: At Car Chilli, we operate on a straightforward principle. Cars Owners receive the exact rental amount they indicate for their cars on our platform. Transparency is our priority, and owners have full visibility into the number of hours their cars are rented out and the corresponding earnings they generate.  


Q: Can one car rental company create Admin and operation accounts (2 accounts or more) to prevent the operation staff from accessing the revenue figure? 

 A: We will be adding this feature to our app soon.



Car Check in, Check out and during Rental Time


Q: Can Car Chilli App send an alert to car rental companies when their cars are driven to Malaysia without authorization?  

 A: Yes, we will provide car owners with access to our tracking system, which includes geo-fencing capabilities. Notifications will be sent to the owner when the hirer enters Malaysia.


Q: What is the petrol penalization to car hirers if cars are not returned with the same level of petrol? How much will you charge car hirers? 

 A: We will charge car hirers $25 to $35 per 1/8 tank, depending on the size of the vehicle's fuel tank.


Q: Are you giving the incentive to the next car hirer to pump petrol on behalf of car rental companies? 

 A: We do not provide incentives for the next car hirer to refuel the vehicle. Instead, we will impose a significant admin fee penalty, and a portion of this fee will be refunded to the car owner. 


Q: Who will be liable if damage, such as damage underneath the car body (e.g., a faulty or damaged suspension bar), is found only after the car is returned?

 A: We have a 24/7 team that will look at the car photos upon collection and return. Any damage visible at that point in time will be addressed accordingly.


A: In the unfortunate event of damage that is not immediately visible, such as suspension issues, it becomes challenging for us to determine whether it resulted from wear and tear or was caused by a specific hirer. If the owner can provide clear evidence that the damage was caused by a particular hirer, we will proceed to claim the cost of the damage from the hirer and compensate the owner accordingly.



Payment and Setting Rental Rate


Q: What is the payment procedure?

 A: We will process payments to car owners within 14 working days. This timeframe is primarily due to the procedure involved with our online payment platform.


Q: How can car owners set the rental rate?

 A: The rate setting will be based on off-peak and peak periods and a daily cap rate.



Locations and Types of Cars


Q: Will Car Chilli give suggestions for areas with high demand?

A: We will be providing monthly reports for high-demand locations.


Q: What is Car Chilli’s Return Location procedure? Is it A to A or A to B?

A: The collection point and return point will be the same. It is an A-to-A arrangement.


Q: What is the maximum number of vehicles allowed per location? Is there a quota for car rental companies in popular locations?

A: No, we do not set quotas for the number of vehicles in any location. Our system operates on a demand and supply basis.

A: Vehicle owners are responsible for purchasing their season parking for the location.

Q: Does Car Chilli accept older cars like the Nissan Latio or older models of Hyundai, and COE cars?

A: Yes, we do not have a restriction on car age. However, at the moment, we are unable to accept luxury and supercars. Japanese and Korean cars are acceptable.




Accidents, Breakdowns, Insurance Coverage and Excess payment


Q: How will Car Chilli handle accidents and breakdowns, such as towing the car back to the car rental company?

A: Car Chilli will handle all accidents and breakdowns. In the event of an accident or breakdown, our 24/7 customer service team will provide guidance and assistance to the car hirers.

A: The car owner can choose the workshop to tow their vehicles to. Our customer service team will collect this information in advance during the vehicle registration process.

A: However, we also have our in-house workshop, Car Chilli Auto, where we offer repair services for car owners at Car Rental Company rates.

A: A situational-based service charge (towing charges) will be applied to either the Car Owners or Car Hirers, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if the breakdown is due to insufficient vehicle maintenance by the Car Owner, i.e., the car’s fault, the charges will be charged to the owner. However, if the breakdown is due to the Car Hirer's fault, the charges will be charged to the hirer. Car Chilli will liaise with the workshop to investigate the cause and bill the responsible party accordingly.



Q: How much is the tow service charge?

 A: Our tow service charges from $60 depending on the type, location, and situation of the vehicle.


Q: What is the excess payment and insurance coverage for the car rental company?

A: Car rental companies are to use their insurance policies as our insurance will not provide duplicate coverage for vehicles already covered by car rental insurance.


Q: Does Car Chilli assist with insurance claims and write insurance reports (GIA reports)?

A: A Car Chilli representative will bring the car hirers to the reporting centre upon receiving the excess.

A: The car owner will need to send a representative, along with their company stamp, to the reporting centre to complete the reporting process.

Q: How do we collect the excess from the hirers if the accident is determined to be their fault, and what is the procedure for excess payment to the car rental company?

A: The excess amount payable is determined by the car owners. Car Owners will input this information during the addition of the vehicle.

A: The refund of the excess paid to Car Chilli will be processed within 14 working days and refunded back to the car owners after deducting an administrative charge of 5%.


Q: What will Car Chilli do if a car hirer refuses to pay?

A: We will assist car owners in making a police report and follow normal reporting procedures. Car owners will be responsible for repairing their vehicles, and we will provide support in pursuing legal action and debt collection if necessary. (With costs covered by car rental companies)


Q: Is there a feature/option for car rental companies to hide the availability of cars from drivers with less than 2 years of experience when renting to individuals with less than 2 years of driving experience?

A: Yes, the car owners can set age and driving experience requirements for the car hirers to rent their cars. If any of these requirements are not met, the cars will not be available for selection by the car hirers.


Q: How will Car Chilli verify, and check that the authorised driver is driving the car?

A: All car hirers are required to submit their Identity Card, Driving License, and proof of employment for verification by our compliance team before they are allowed to rent vehicles on our platform.

A: We will have the blacklist system in place as well to identify the customers with unfavourable records.

A: Vehicle collection and return can only be carried out using the authorised car hirer's account. Vehicle photos must be taken exclusively through our app; uploading of external photos is not permitted.

A: Car hirers will be held fully liable if they allow an unauthorised driver to operate the vehicle.


Car Hirer Registration and Verification Process

Q: What are the step-by-step verification procedures for car hirers?

A: New car hirer will have to sign up for an account & and fill up the information such as name, email, mobile number, and password accordingly.

A: Once the information is submitted, a verification code is sent to the car hirer's email. (This function is implemented to provide authentication, identity, and access management security measures for safety)

A: Required Documents to fill up & and add as images: ID CARD, LICENSE and PROOF OF DOCUMENT. Car Chilli will check & and verify the required documents which include.

  • IC: We will check the car rental blacklist system.

  • LICENSE: We will verify its validity using the TP website.

  • PROOF OF EMPLOYMENT: We will cross-reference the names with the IC to ensure they belong to the car hirer.  


Q: To ensure the safety of the cars and prevent misuse, how will Car Chilli verify that car hirers who are bankrupt as bankruptcies can be employed, and use a Debit card/supplement credit card for registration?

 A: We do not currently have restrictions for bankruptcies. Based on our experience, our screening criteria have proven effective in deterring undesirable hirers. While we cannot guarantee 100% prevention of problematic hirers, we believe our measures are successful in keeping away at least 90% of them.



GPS and Remote Locking System


Q: Can Car Chilli install a vehicle remote locking system (GPS) for the vehicles which use a physical key to start?

A: Yes, our system supports vehicles that use physical keys.


Q: Why is Car Chilli subscription fees for GPS and remote locking system set at S$ 30 per month?

A: Included within our subscription fees are the all-inclusive expenses associated with GPS, remote locking systems, and a devoted 24/7 team, ensuring seamless car sharing experiences for both car rental companies and car hirers.


Q: How can we address liability in the event of any issues arising during the installation of the GPS and remote locking system by Car Chilli?

 A: We have a team of highly trained experts who specialize in the installation of GPS and remote locking systems for Japanese and Korean cars. However, in the unlikely event of any issues arising from the GPS installation, Car Chilli will assume full responsibility and cover all repair costs.


Q: Can car rental company use its own GPS and remote locking system if all of the cars already have it installed?

A: Car Chilli currently has our dedicated customer service team working exclusively on our GPS platform, making it impractical for us to implement a separate system to accommodate other requirements.


A: Rest assured; our dedicated customer service team is committed to providing top-notch support within the realm of our GPS services.



Q: Can Car Chilli App send an alert to car rental companies when their cars are driven to Malaysia without authorization?  

 A: Yes, we will provide car owners with access to our tracking system, which includes geo-fencing capabilities. Notifications will be sent to the owner when the hirer enters Malaysia.



Q: If there is no internet signal where car hirers park, how will car be locked and unlocked remotely and how will Car Chilli's customer service team assist? 


A: As our remote tracking device uses 3G and 4G networks, we will advise car owners not to place their vehicles in such an area. An open car park and multi-story carparks are preferred. In the event of issues with the locking system in such an area, our recovery team will get in contact with the car owners to unlock the vehicle using a spare key. 

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